Personal Branding


“Who are you?”

How you answer such question is linked to what is called personal branding.

Personal branding or Self-branding is a form of marketing that an individual uses to create a uniform public image that demonstrates his or her values and overall reputation.

Personal branding is a representation of you on an individual level. It is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual.

Personal branding focuses on Self-packaging or promotion.

As a youth, ask yourself the following questions:

What am I known for?

Is my reputation good or bad?

How am I seen in the neighborhood?

These questions are essential because Self-branding involves finding yourself, your uniqueness, building on a reputation or on the things you want to be known for and the allowing yourself to be known for them.

Personal branding goes hand in hand with social media. One cannot dissociate personal branding from social media. It has become a powerful tool in Self-promotion. This branding form is a growing trend among celebrities and represents a successful marketing strategy. But what can guide one in using social media wisely in personal branding?


– Perform an audit of your online footprints

– Remove threats hurting your reputation

– Create and post assets highlighting your best qualities

– Strengthen your credibility through reputation maintenance.

These are few steps of personal branding. However, youth up as an organization for the younger ones will definitely help you in Self-branding.

But it has become the general knowledge that individuals have developed some conceptions about personal branding and this conceptions are relatively not true. Although the meaning of such conceptions are misinterpreted.

Some of these misconceptions includes:

1. It is out of control: Personal branding can be out of your control if you don’t organise yourself and having a focus. The first of Forbes Golden rule is having a focus. You can say that you have a brand and generally you don’t have an expertise and the audience don’t have clear       understanding of what your brand is or what it stands for. Personal branding can be controllable if you are willing to invest the necessary resources for it. It may require time. It may have a cost. However, it’s something we have to accept if we want to have control over how others perceive us.

2. It is time consuming: Yes, personal branding requires time and patience. It is a long term thing. Immediately you have a focus, it is paramount that you create a world around that focus and that requires time and consistent. I know we all have busy schedules but we should ensure that we leave out a time to check how we are viewed in public both online and offline. Use the tools out there to be more time efficient.

3. It makes us less human: In this digital age, branding is mostly done online. Have you ever search for yourself in Google? I am sure that you saw results about your online activities lately. All those results are part of your online presence. This doesn’t make you less human but makes you a respectable and recognizable human. Working on your personal brand is the best way to give your organization a name and a face.

Amidst these misconceptions, are there benefits in personal branding? Of course there are benefits. These benefits are outlined below:

– People trust you more

– You have a much higher perceived value

– You attract ideal opportunities

– It allows you to be yourself.

Remember, personal branding is a long term process so don’t be in a rush to lay strong foundation.

Youth up, an organisation with sole aim of uplifting the youths can help you in the journey of laying the foundation of personal branding. Professional touch will be given on creating and maintaining it.

Now is the best time to build your brand, contact us now and let get you started.

Personal Branding