Message from Faith Nwaobia

How YouthUp as Global movement started?


Don’t Wait for all the answers.. March 2020 was the birth month of Youth Up. 

Did I have all the answers as to what will become of this movement a month later? No I didn’t.

Did I know that many young lives will already be touched just a month after?. No I didn’t.

Did I know that many people will volunteer to become part of this family one month after? No I didn’t.

Did I have all the answers?. No I didn’t. But there was something I had.

A good reason. A reason that I needed to create a platform where every youth can have their voices heard.No matter the financial background. No matter the colour. No matter the race. No matter the ethnicity. No matter the religion.  I believe that all humans are the same, having the same colour of blood.

With the same emotions and deserving the same opportunities. Therefore with a collective voice, all young people would be empowered, We can educate, network and also entertain ourselves. In doing so I intend to uplift every youth into greatness.

That’s the reason.  That’s about Youth Up

Now when you’re starting off, don’t wait for all the answers, only get a good reason.

Just start…

Join us in this movement