Message from Founders

How YouthUp as Global movement started?


Message from Faith Nwaobia

Don’t Wait for all the answers..

March 2020 was the birth month of Youth Up

Did Awa k. Ndukwe and myself have all the answers as to what will become of this movement a month later? No we didn’t.

Did we know that many young lives will already be touched just a month after?. No we didn’t

Did we know that many people will volunteer to become part of this family one month after?No we didn’t.

Did we have all the answers?. No we didn’t.

But there was something we had.

A good reason.

A reason that we needed to create a platform where every youth can have their voices heard.

No matter the financial background.

No matter the colour.
No matter the race.

No matter the ethnicity.

No matter the religion.

We believe that all humans are the same, having same colour of blood.

With same emotions and deserving same opportunities.

Therefore with a collective voice all young people would be empowered

We can educate, network and also entertain ourselves.

In doing so we intend to uplift every youth into greatness.

That’s the reason.

That’s about Youth Up

Now when you’re starting off, don’t wait for all the answers, only get a good reason.

Just start…

Join us in this movement

Message from Awa k Ndukwe

YouthUp, how it all started •

It was a beautiful Sunday night and I was about hugging my pillows, when I got a call from Faith Nwaobia .

This was around 11pm, so I asked him if I was safe 😆. (This is 🇳🇬).

He said he was disturbed and needed us to create a change for tomorrow by working on our Youths.

I told him I wasn’t ready to be Malcolm X or Luther king, because I want to live long.

Fast forward to today – Youth Up has amazed a large support from the Youths and it has turned out to become one of the biggest youth movements.

Join this biggest youth movement ever..

We believe when we treat the youths right, so that tomorrow will be bright.