This Project is targeted at every youth in all regions in Asia, from East Asia, the earliest cradles of civilization to South Asia, the home of the Himalayas.It is a collaborative project that bring together Innovative driven brands and organizations to create empowerment opportunities for every youth in Asia.

The primary objectives for this project are to:

  • Enhance Leadership Skills in every young person
  • Create Skill Development Programs
  • Provide capacity building programs towards addressing youth unemployment in Asia.
  • Connecting opportunities to young people in Asia and promoting global exchange programs within the Youthup Community.
  • The world is stepping into a digitally creative environment and hence our strategy here is to adapt and create an impact on the audience in a unique style.

Knowledge and Skill development begins with

  • Specific Strategies
  • Strengthening Education and Training system
  • For Value-Added Production and to a Sustained Growth Path
  • Forecast Knowledge Intensity
  • Area-Based Partnership and collaboration for Training and Skill Development at a Local Level – Encourage and Develop Local Skill Ecosystem
  • Untimely, the Innovate Asian Project is geared towards developing 21st century skills for Asian youths whether as professionals or entrepreneurs as it aligns with the mission of YouthUp Global, empowering Youths and Raising Leaders!

Asian Youth Connect

 This is the first program under the Innovate Asian Project. The idea is to bring youth in all the regions of Asia into an engaging virtual networking forum to formally launch the Innovate Asian Project. To build snergy among all players in the business of youth development programs, foundations, groups and individuals towards finding ways to solve the problem of youth unemployment in Asia.