Our Story​

Youthup Global was founded by Dr. Faith, a young man who went through 6 years of job hunting and rejection before finally landing his first professional job with Union Bank of Nigeria PLC. During that time, he saw firsthand the challenges facing youth who were trying to enter the workforce coupled with the findings from his postgraduate research on the causes of youth unemployment and underemployment in developing countries.

In March 2020, Youthup Global was born out of a desire to address these challenges and give young people the tools and platforms they need to thrive. The organization focuses on human capital development through quality education and impact-driven entrepreneurship towards building a sustainable world and the Africa we want.

We are proud of our journey as something that started in a WhatsApp group of Seven young people initially assembled by Dr. Faith has now grown to having a global community of over 50,000+ youths spread across 40 African countries and 2 countries of Asia.

And our focus has remained the same: To address youth unemployment in developing countries.

And we are only getting started!

You’re welcome to join us.


To serve as a global reference point for the development of human capital, creation of social impact opportunities and empowerment platforms for youths in developing countries.


To develop human capital, create social impact opportunities and build sustainable empowerment platforms for youths in developing countries.

Core Values