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Welcome to Youthup Global

A global youth-based social enterprise in the business of developing human capital, creating social impact opportunities and building empowerment platforms for youths in developing countries.

Who We Are ?

YouthUp is a fast-growing social enterprise focused on the extrapolation and utilization of human capital deeply embedded in the world youth population toward the creation of competitive businesses connected under a universal umbrella. As a youth-focused enterprise, we have designed our operations to be attractive to different classes of youths. This is why we serve mainly as an aggregator for educators, consumers, businesses, NGOs, artisans, etc.

We understand the impact of technology, that is why we have built a formidable asset under Web 2.0 but with our plans to incorporate technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, we have positioned ourselves for Web 3.0 success, connecting youths, businesses, and organizations around the globe and earning some tokens as they find “success” through us.

We are also supporting organizations in carrying out various empowerment projects, working together with different Non-Governmental Organizations, charitable organizations, social enterprises, to execute empowerment and social impactful projects towards achieving the SDGs of the United Nation and to offer CSR advisory services to corporate organizations and groups..

Our Value Propositions

Driving development, inclusive and empowerment programs for youths in developing countries for social impact through collaborations towards achieving the 17 SDGs of the United Nations..

Our Projects/ Events

  • Innovate Africa 1.0 Launched for West Africa Community, in Lagos Nigeria October 1st, 2021

    A collaborative project towards addressing youth unemployment in Africa

  • Innovate Asia 1.0 for South Asian Community in India

    Targeted at addressing youth Unemployment in the Asian region

  • Youth Apprentice Konnect

    An apprenticeship program that is providing exchange program and work and earn opportunities between North America and Africa.

  • Innovate Africa 2.0

    Empowerment and capacity building project geared towards addressing unemployment in East Africa

    CSR and Project Advisory

    We are also working with organizations and social enterprises as well as NGOs in helping them design quality and sustainable social impact projects globally for youths.

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      To Members

      We provide mentoring and training programs for personal development and for members capacity building.

      We help members fund and supervise social impact driven projects with our crowfunding campaign


      We train members on the ability to turn their ideas into action. This includes creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve their objectives. experience and career longevity and also building a personal network of professional peers.

      We help members to stand out in a competitive job market, gaining meaningful work

      We work with government and other international organizations to facilitate exchange programs among youths globally, to promote cultural value sharing, cross-boarder education and to foster youth integration.
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        To Organizations

        We render advisory services to brands and organizations to bring social value impact as we redefine what should actually constitute an engaging social corporate responsibility.

        We render advisory services to organizations brands on how best to engage youths in their business marketing models as well as social awareness strategies.

        We work with donor and funding organizations both local and international who are interested in youth projects to carry out grassroots, national and international research on the economies of such funding schemes from pre-disbursement to post-disbursement stage.

        We help businesses with strategic business expansion model that are youth-centric for new opportunities and customer retention.

        We provide a pool of talented young people globally for employment and internship opportunities

        We provide tailor-made partnership and collaborative programs that support our community and to promote our partner brands.

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          To Government

          We work with various government offering advisory services on youth inclusiveness and engagements in line with global best practice

          We work with governments to offer research services on youth programs and projects.

          We work with government and other international organizations to facilitate exchange programs among youths globally, to promote cultural value sharing, cross-boarder education and to foster youth integration.
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