Welcome to Youthup Global

A global youth-based social enterprise in the business of addressing youth unemployment through the development of human capital, creation of social impact opportunities and building of sustainable empowerment platforms for youths in developing countries.

Our Empowerment Pillars are EDUCATION and ENTREPRENUERSHIP

We believe that Quality Education and Impact-Driven Entreprenuership are key to building a sustainable world

Youthup Global Impact Fellowship Program

Youths of developing countries are facing a myriad of challenges, especially the high rise in unemployment which is creating a multidimensional poverty condition among families. As an organization that is focused on addressing youth unemployment, we are happy to be working with young aspiring social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to launch impact-driven ventures towards addressing various social issues confronting young people under the Youthup Global Impact Fellowship Program.

Youthup Global Advocate

Become a Youthup Global Advocate, and add your voice towards advancing the UN-SDGs, AU-Agenda 2063, CSR Programs and helping to empower young people in underserved communities in your country to access economic empowerment opportunities.

Our Impact


Youths reached through our events, initiatives and contents.


Countries reached


Scholarships facilitated


Community spread in 40 African and 2 Asian Countries


Youths have been supported to secure decent jobs


Youth entrepreneurs supported to launch their impact-driven ventures through capacity building and mentorship

Partnership for Social Good

Partnership for Social Good is a program that is anchored on the SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals) of the United Nations whereby as a social impact-focused organization, we are working with youth-friendly organizations, NGOs and social enterprises to achieve mutual beneficial mandate through collaborative project execution touching on all the Sustainable Development Goals towards creating social impact opportunities for youths in developing countries

Quality Education

We are working through our subsidiaries Utidia and Utidia Apprenticeship Institute as well as other educational institutions or training platforms to provide effective talent development programs and affordable and quality education to prepare Talents from developing countries for the future of work…

We support mainly through scholarship programs.

Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship

We are working to raise social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to launch impact-driven ventures through various Incubation Programs under our Impact Fellowship Program towards addressing youth unemployment by supporting job creation programs, focusing on teaching advocacy skills, entrepreneurship skills and leadership skills (AEL) needed to raise change makers. 

We are also partnering with other youth-focused organizations to provide support to youths to embrace entrepreneurship through our Innovate Africa Program.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 2030

African Union Agenda, 2063 (The Africa We Want)

Our Value Propositions

Addressing youth unemployment in developing countries through human capital development focusing on education and entreprenuership for social impact as well as fostering collaborations towards achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union (the Africa we want)

Our Projects/ Events