#FundASkill Campaign

This is a campaign with a difference!

Did you know that 1 in every 3 young Africans is unemployed with another one-third being miserably employed

Among the major contributing factors towards this increasing rate of unemployment in developing countries is the issue of skill gap due to poor quality of education and lack of digital education suitable for Industry 4.0

So deciding to join this campaign, you’re already part of the change makers helping to address the issues of youth unemployment and skill gap..

Fund A Skill Campaign is launched to advance the Sustainable development goal No 4; Achieving Quality Education.

Why this Campaign?

To sensitize all lovers of education, Individuals and organizations to support youths in underserved communities in developing countries of Africa and Asia to acquire a relevant skill.

As a clarion call and under the spirit of Ubuntu, we salute you for honoring this invitation to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Truth is that every young person in the continent of Africa and Asia should be supported to get a skill, especially tech and digital skills, not forgetting non-tech skills (craftsmanship and creative skills) in order to address skill gap issues and youth unemployment.

We join hands with everyone through a Scholarship Funding Scheme to continue offering scholarships to youths especially in underserved communities of Africa and Asia..

#FundASkill Campaign is geared towards building a generation of young people who are skilled for the future of work.

You can support up to a million dollars in this fundraising campaign and yet with as little as $1 you can also participate in this as we build together for social impact.

Funds are committed to sponsoring scholarships programs for young people, especially those in underrepresented communities, to learn a tech or digital skill especially.

Every quarter, we will share with you our social impact report detailing how your donation is utilized and the impact it is making in addressing the issues of skills gap and youth unemployment in Africa and Asia.

Join the movement…

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