Youthup Global Advocates

At Youthup Global, we are joined by passionate young men and women as Global Advocates from Africa, Asia and other developing countries join us in our Advocacy and campaigns towards advancing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and African Union Agenda 2063 (The Africa We Want).

Application Criteria

  1. An Youthup Global Advocate must be a citizen of an African Country, Asian Countries or any other developing country as defined by the United Nations.
  2. An Youthup Global Advocate must demonstrate passion for advancing UN-SDGs, AU-Agenda 2063, CSR Programs and helping to empower young people in underserved communities in your country to access economic empowerment opportunities through advovacy and campaigns in line with Youthup Global mandate of addressing youth unemployment in developing countries.
  3. A Youthup Global Advocate must have a voice on major social media platforms and part of offline communities to leverage for their advovacy and campaigns.

Youthup Global Advocate Activities

  1. SDGs Advocacy and Campaigns
  2. Agenda 2063 Advocacy and Campaigns for Africans
  3. CSR Advocacy and Campaigns
  4. Youth Empowerment, Development, Inclusion Advovacy and Campaigns

To join the Youthup Global Advocate send your Expression of Interest