Call for Scholarship Into Tekedia CollegeBoot

YouthUp Global appreciates the family of late Virginia Nkem Ogugua as coordinated by Chile OGUGUA FRSA, who endowed a scholarship in Tekedia Institute for 30 female undergraduate students in Tekedia CollegeBoost, in her memory. YouthUp Global is coordinating the selection of the students.

If you are a female undergraduate student in any African country studying accounting, business admin, banking, finance and related areas, send a statement of purpose explaining why they should be considered for this scholarship, including details of the program of study and university or college to

Our country representatives will coordinate from their various countries and the 30 students will be selected. Then, we will send the list to Tekedia Institute for enrollment.
Forward your application to

If you are an NGO in any African country and want to work with us on this, please connect with YouthUp via same email.

On behalf of Tekedia institute, we appreciate this kind gesture.

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