Congratulations 430 youth

Congratulations To 430 Youths!!!: TEKEDIA Makes Week10

Congratulations to 430 Youths!!!: TEKEDIA Makes Week 10

Congratulations to 430 youths….

For securing scholarships opportunity to study at Tekedia Institute

Please pause and read that again…

Do you like that news?

An opportunity for 430 young people globally to study from the best online business school in Africa.. #TekediaInstitute

I am sure you do love it.

Yes, that’s what your vote will help make happen…

To support Tekedia Institute in the ongoing TheMhagic velocity contest to win 25 Million Naira ($60,000)

Vote here..

Tekedia Institute has assured the Youth Up community that the fund when won, will be used to fund scholarships for young people to study her Mini MBA.

Here is a post by the lead faculty member, Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Now you’ve known what to do… to bring this congratulations home.

Calling on all my network…
Join our community to bring this home…

This 25 Million is ours for the taking!


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