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Inclusive Youths: Ingredients for Developing Countries

Inclusive Youths: Ingredients for Developing Countries

Youths account for 1.8 billion of the 7.8 billion of the world’s population according to the United Nations Population Fund(UNPF) and Worldometer.  Further, according to the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social affairs states, 19 percent of the global youth population lives in Africa. The rapid growth of youths globally signals the rife of opportunities, innovations, ideas, inventions as well the need to carter and make adjustments to care for the youthful congregations, without stifling their ambitions and dreams. Although there is consequential positivity of the large presence of youths in the world, they face challenges and problematic knots especially in sub-Saharan Africa and Asian regions. They are plagued with unemployment, poor educational systems, poor transfer of skills as well as economic, environmental, and political stagnation. Yet, despite these noxious and horrid conditions, youths have taken up the mandate to shatter and break boundaries, their resilience, and doggedness shining through.

Youths whose resilience have shone through and are making an impact across the globe include Patrick Ngowi from Tanzania who is the founder and chairman of Helvetic Group of companies, a renewable energy company: Lorna Rutto from Kenya, the founder of Ecopost that specialize in collecting and recycling the waste in plastic into aesthetic durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts; Tayo Sadique from Nigeria of AirSynQ is a starter firm that specializes in using Balloon Satellite and intelligent software for automated assessment of surveillance feeds; Tere Gonzalez from Mexico, the President of liter of light Mexico, whose purpose is to use plastic soda bottles to generate electricity; Boyan Slat an Environmentalist undertaking the largest ocean clean-up in the world; Abigail Lupi, the founder of CareGirlZ caring for the elderly and a host of others. These Youths and many more see hope and solutions despite problems and Are determined despite encounters with reasons to be discouraged, nonetheless, they persevere. 

Despite the growing stream of daring youths, there is still the need to steer other youths to awareness, into what their spirits, in togetherness can create and change. There is the urgent need to fire the youths to take up important roles, however small, to birth ripples of change in the world, and to make lasting differences. Youth Up is a body that is committed to realizing the vision of providing the necessary skillsets for youths that are ready to make a change, irrespective of educational, ethical, and gender specifications.

The body’s focus is premised on its founders, Faith Nwaobia and Awa k. Ndukwe words; “Humanity is to be lifted and youths are like the rising sun, hope for tomorrow’s daylight”. They have taken up the task to make youths irrespective of their financial, ethical, religious, social as well as educational background matter, to uplift them to greatness. The organization also encourages Youths to look beyond the present challenges and focus on the common good, Ubuntu, the spirit of togetherness and familyhood, promoting the belief that one’s person positively accomplished feat is like a ripple, it affects all.

Written by

Deborah Oluwafisayo Faboade
Content Writer

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