StartUp Apprenticeship Community

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulder of Giants” – Isaac Newton

As far back as history could tell, Africa has always been a prosperous nursery of entrepreneurs.

From the successful Egyptian merchants, the famous gold and salt traders of Timbuktu, to the hardworking Igbo farmers and artisans who would create profound marketing strategies that would help them sell their wares on chosen market days, Africans have always been enterprising.

But beyond the journeys across the Sahara and the sweet calls of the market street callers calling to their wares, there was one fascinating feature of the African markets — the key to its continued prosperity. A concept of ‘hold my hands to rise’ built on experience, the trade apprentice system.

At YouthUp Global, we believe in the viability of this entrepreneurial model, proven effective time after time. Hence, we present the StartUp Apprenticeship Community (SAC), a business-growth hatchery that presents emerging African entrepreneurs (products and services) the chance to learn tested, proven, and trusted business practices that can amp their businesses directly from the hands of experienced, flourishing entrepreneurs. Through the SAC, amateur entrepreneurs will learn to build 21st-century business skills that can improve their local delivery and set them up for global relevance, build strong businesses that are futuristic, and oil their business’s wheel with the experience of those who already survived.

In line with our Innovate Africa Project, a youth empowerment and capacity building program, we are happy to introduce the Startup Apprenticeship Community which is our core model towards addressing the problem of unemployment in Africa.

We are keen on creating sustainable opportunities especially across the informal and semi-formal sectors of African Economies, which we believe when brought to the mainstream, will help arrest the issues of youth unemployment.

Under this program, we are targeting to identify and support artisans and aspiring entrepreneurs in various sectors and professions…

Most importantly, we recognize the growing penetration of technology in almost all African economies and sectors; hence, our focus will be on how budding African entrepreneurs can embrace digital solutions in their fields. It is not about prospering alone but thriving and flourishing too.

Our activities within the apprenticeship community will include

Brand development / Identity creation

Capacity building

Business mentorship

Workshops and seminars

Mini trade fairs

Seed funding financing opportunities

and many more.

We are partnering with relevant individuals and corporate bodies who share our vision of empowering youths and who are willing to walk the journey with us to successfully put SAC on the pedestal we all desire towards addressing the problem of youth unemployment in Africa.

If you are a young African entrepreneur (entertainer, artisan, creative, innovator, e.t.c.), this is your perfect opportunity to upskill and upscale your business venture.

Join our community of growth-thirsty business minds and earn a sure shot at success.