Kenneth Igiri

YouthUp Global Appoints Kenneth Igiri as Director of Media & Communications

YouthUp Global Appoints Kenneth Igiri as Director of Media & Communications

Kenneth Igiri is a rooted fellow in the IT world who after a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering, started out an IT career in wireless Networking. He later dabbled in IT Service Management where he gained a broad view of the modern corporate IT environment which today has informed his character as an adherence to documented processes.

He also has a deep love for MS SQL Server as he keeps building his strength with more advanced knowledge than he currently has in both MS SQL Server and Oracle Database Technologies.

Over the years Kenneth has also branched out to Cloud Computing on AWS, Oracle MySQL and Big Data mastering its theoretical framework.

His role in 2015 and 2018 gave him the opportunity to grapple with a complex and demanding applications in the Financial Sector and such technologies as Failover Clustering, Real Application Clusters, Transaction Log Shipping, Dataguard, Table Partitioning, Address Windowing Extensions, Recovery Manager and so on.

Technically speaking, Kenneth has handled a variety of tools and learnt new technologies such as AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Column Store Indexes, In-Memory OLTP, Buffer Pool Extension and so on with an exposure to the management side of things, leading a group of fifteen Database Administrators while maintaining hands-one skills.

In the middle of 2019, Kenneth delved into Enterprise Architecture with full interest as he plans to build more strength in that space.

Recently, Kenneth has started an online TV series called the ‘Truth Interview Session’ a Pan-African focused show where he brings resource people and experts to discuss Africa in a few to develop working models to address her numerous challenges.

A passion that has endeared the Youthp Global community to consider him for this role., as it aligns with our mission.

By this appointment, Kenneth will be in charge of the YouthUp Press and media broadcast programs of the community.

You’re welcome Kenneth!

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