Appointment Announcement: YouthUp Global Appoints Muhammadulfatiu Adepeju as the YouthUp Nigeria Country Lead

For more than an hour…

He engaged me….., shared his visions which aligned with our vision for YouthUp Global

Moreso when he discussed the #Nigeria he expects to see.

I saw a hope in his tone and passion to make a difference.

I recommended him to the regional director for #WestAfrica Elomo Jemea Mokwe

To be considered as #YouthUp Global Country Lead for Nigeria.

Good people, I am pleased to introduce 

YouthUp Nigeria Country Lead.

We are in the era of giving young people opportunity to serve., to lead and to inspire.

His position is one that comes with huge responsibility.

#Nigerian youths have long given up on our government.

It’s now…To your tent oh Israel.

Patriotism is dead.
Because governance is zero.

What must be done to rebuild our dear country Nigeria to an egalitarian state.

Muhammadulfatiu has submitted his strategic plans to mobilize other youths to join this movement.

To build a new #NigerianYouth.

He’s also looking for smart young Nigerians to join him in the national leadership.

Get in touch.

Congratulations Ade

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