Assistant Pastry & Bakery Man – Prime Support – Iraq

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Assistant Pastry & Bakery Man – Prime Support – Iraq


To assist the Cook (Bakery or / and Pastry) / Head Baker / Pastry Chef in preparation and production of food as per PSGS’s policies and procedures, working on a designated section as per instructions. All preparation must be done as per recipe or guidelines given.


 Applying and following the contractual obligations, PSGS’s policies and procedures

 Following, implementing and maintaining all ISO and HACCP standards and requirements

 Working under instruction and guidance in preparation & cooking of food products to ensure the food quality and presentation is of the highest possible standard

 Upholding safe work practices and proper sanitation of the designated section and kitchen areas including deep-cleaning

 Ensuring safety training and proper usage of equipment’s and premises is given to junior and untrained staff

 Working efficiently with other kitchen personnel to ensure timely delivery of service

 Working positively for the development of the enterprise

 Act as a food safety team member

 Performing other duties as directed

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-02-09
Job Location: Basra, Iraq
Job Role: Hospitality and Tourism
Company Industry: Hospitality & Accomodation

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Afghanistan; Armenia; Angola; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Burkina Faso; Bahrain; Burundi; Benin; Brunei Darussalam; Bhutan; Botswana; Central African Republic; Republic of Congo; Cameroon; China; Cape Verde; Cyprus; Djibouti; Algeria; Egypt; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Gabon; Georgia; Ghana; Gambia; Guinea; Equatorial Guinea; Hong Kong; Ivory Coast; Indonesia; India; Iraq; Iran; Jordan; Japan; Kenya; Kyrgyzstan; Cambodia; Comoros; Korea (North); Korea (South); Kuwait; Kazakhstan; Laos; Lebanon; Sri Lanka; Liberia; Lesotho; Libya; Morocco; Madagascar; Mali; Myanmar; Mongolia; Macau; Mauritania; Mauritius; Maldives; Malawi; Malaysia; Mozambique; Namibia; Nigeria; Nepal; Oman; Philippines; Pakistan; Palestine; Qatar; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; Seychelles; Sudan; Singapore; Sierra Leone; Senegal; Somalia; South Sudan; Syria; Eswatini; Chad; Togo; Thailand; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Tunisia; East Timor; Turkey; Taiwan; Tanzania; Uganda; Uzbekistan; Vietnam; Yemen; South Africa; Zambia; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Zimbabwe

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