Executive Chef

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1. Standards

1.1. Ensure all work is carried out as per the contract and client’s specification.

1.2. Manage the preparation, presentation and service of all meals in a professional manner, providing delicious and well-presented meals within budgetary constraints and maintaining quality and standard as per the specification of services and objectives given by the management.

1.3. Demonstrate excellence in all areas of preparation, presentation and service.

1.4. Liaise with superior to discuss day to day operational requirements, achievements and improvements and take necessary action accordingly. 

1.5. Assist Location Manager for adequate staff coverage by preparing and assigning duties and working hours to those under his supervision. Ensure compliance with the work schedule.

1.6. Give directions and instructions to Cooks, Assistant Cooks and Kitchen Helpers. 

1.7. Develop recipes and prepare menus in consultation with Location Manager considering contract, client’s feed back and cost requirements.

1.8. Prepare daily requisition for the next day kitchen supplies considering forecasted man-days, menu, stock in balance in the kitchen and available items in stores. Forward requisition for Catering Manager’s approval, before issues are made by storekeeper.  

1.9. Control incoming supplies from stores for quality, quantity, damage and spoilage. 

1.10. Oversee proper handling, packaging and storage of food stuffs in and ensure the stock rotation procedures are maintained. 

1.11. Ensure that the food is prepared as per the planned menu and in line with instructions/feedback received from Location Manager.

1.12. Control and supervise preparation of meals under approved methods and conditions (this includes taste, appearance and general acceptability to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction).

1.13. Ensure smooth and timely supply of prepared/cooked food to all concerned units. 

1.14. Strictly control wastage and ensure compliance with cost control measures and techniques without compromising with quality. 

1.15. Supervise periodic inventories.

1.16. Execute additional/special menus/orders agreed between the management and client.

1.17. Prepare ‘a la carte’ orders if required contractually or approved by the management. 

1.18. Oversee the service line from setup till the end of service.

1.19. Ensure that all kitchen tools and equipments are in working order and inform the malfunctioning to the concerned immediately.

1.20. Facilitate menu costing. 

1.21. Directly supervise the entire kitchen staff to ensure compliance with company’s directives and procedures and ensure high level of employee motivation. 

1.22. Identify staff training needs and initiate training process in coordination with superiors. Monitor and supervise on-the-job training process as per training guidelines and procedures. Ensure to maintain up to date records of on-the-job training.  

1.23. Provide continuous learning and training to kitchen staff on various aspects of kitchen management.

1.24. Perform any other task assigned by his superior within the scope of the job.

1.25. Innovate and develop the recipes and introduce new dishes and cooking techniques to the work environment.

2. People

2.1. Develop and maintain good working relationship with client through regular contacts. 

2.2. Handle every complaint/suggestion from clients with positive attitude, sincerity and promptness. Discuss all complaints/suggestions with superior for remedial action.

2.3. Ensure that employees under his control are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities and have received company and client’s induction and that this is documented.

2.4. Conduct regular meetings with staff to share mutual concerns, work practices, improvement plans and to communicate company’s policies, standards, objectives and other helpful information.  

2.5. Lead and motivate co-staff by creating healthy work environment.  

2.6. Maintain a professional and pleasant working relation with all his superiors and peers at all times.

3. QHSE 

3.1. Ensure all work is carried out in compliance with the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system.

3.2. Ensure that all accidents, fire, loss, theft and damages are reported to superiors immediately and proper procedures are followed. In addition, where appropriate, take remedial action.

3.3. Adhere to the QHSE rules and regulations of client.

3.4. Use correct PPE and maintain them in good condition.

3.5. Ensure proper usage and maintenance of all equipments.

3.6. Conduct daily inspections of all areas ensuring compliance maintenance of hygiene standards.

3.7. Arrange necessary QHSE training for staff in conjunction with the QHSE Manager on the hazards related to his job. 

3.8. Ensure that all the employees under his control are medically fit and a copy of their valid food handling certificate is available on site at all times.

3.9. Ensure that all employees under his control maintain the highest possible standard of personal hygiene.

3.10. Ensure that periodic pest control is done taking all necessary precautions to prevent food contamination.

3.11. Should have knowledge of HACCP, ISO and accreditation standards.    

4. Management

4.1. Monitor food cost and quality to ensure they meet the objectives and targets set by the manager.

4.2. Ensure that procedures, instructions, and policies given by the management are clearly understood and implemented and monitored in the area of responsibility.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-10-04
Job Location: Kuwait
Job Role: Hospitality and Tourism
Company Industry: Catering, Food Service, & Restaurant

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management

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