Shadrack Kubyane

Shadrack Kubyane resumes as YouthUp Southern Africa coordinator

Shadrack Kubyane resumes as YouthUp Southern Africa coordinator

YouthUp Global expands to the Southern Africa region as they appoint Shadrack Kubyane to coordinate for the region.

Shadrack is a great force in the African Blockchain space as a co-founder Coronet Blockchain, a supply chain digital infrastructure leveraging blockchain technology capabilities to evolve the salon sector from hand to mouth into a bankable economy.

He has grown Coronet Blockchain to fast becoming a leading Africa Blockchain Voice and Face, offering advisory roles to various Blockchain Authority; Universities, Governments, Thought Leaders, Publications, Broadcasters, Professional Peers, Event Organizers, Researchers and other Blockchain ventures, from the continent and on Blockchain priorities, insights, adoption and industry direction.

He doubles as a youth advocate and keynote speaker, with a corporate track-record that comprises spearheading specialist business development task teams that accelerated a closed medical aid scheme from a modest balance sheet position to ZAR 5 billion front foot position.

He had worked with Deloitte at C-suite level championing key decision making relied on his dependable know-how to configure and execute highly matrixed business development assignments within the public and private sector: drawing from his command on strategy, economies of scale, relational wisdom and deal origination expertise.

On repeat occasions he led special envoys representing Europe’s Nordic region, East, West and Southern Africa terrain interests and executed diplomatic interventions across private/public sector interests at the intersection of business expansion, access to new markets, product adoption and transformation within emerging markets. Including a Specialist Advisory role to the Lesotho Government, at Deputy Prime Ministry level.

Interestingly, Shadrack aligns Blockchain to the Africa Development priorities, within and beyond our use case, including Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA), to ensure blockchain mass adoption, at a macro level whilst prioritizing measurable aspects (our Supply Chain use case) at a micro level.

He is an astute leader, pacesetter and change maker and an ambassador of youth empowerment.

We are truly pleased to have him join us to expand this movement in the southern Africa region.

You’re welcome Shadrack!!

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