Youthup call for country representatives

YouthUp Calls For Country Representatives

YouthUp Calls For Country Representativess

Think about a world where any youth can access opportunities in any country, continent without restrictions…

Where background and status do not define one’s progression in life…

A platform that offers voice to every single youth..

To build change makers and pacesetters …..

To inspire and empower young people and help them shine…even from the most rural areas of the world.

That’s what the Youth Up movement stands for.

A platform of opportunities to youths. .

In our global expansion program, we are looking for men and women across the globe to make this happen….

Youth leaders in different countries who will lead this movement.

If you consider yourself passionate enough to do this….

Chat me up, or write us at

At #Youthup we are raising stars…

Let’s do this. 

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