InnovateAfrica: #TheAfricaWeWant Campaign Calls for Partnership as She Plans To Hold Her First Youth Capacity Building in Lagos, Nigeria

Charity begins at home…🙂

That’s why we are kicking off from #Nigeria to other parts of Africa.

As we launch the Innovate Africa Project…..a capacity building program to address the issues of youth unemployment in Africa.

Nigeria is second to Namibia with the highest unemployment rate at 33.3 percent in Africa.

Here is the truth….
In any nation where young people are not productively engaged…, there’s hardly peace and patriotism towards nation building, because #unemployment has chain reactions of negative vices.

An idle mind,….is a devil’s workshop. Yes.

We at YouthUp Global believe that once the problem of ,#youthunemployment is reduced to the barest minimum, patriotism and nation building spirit will be restored.

That’s #TheAfricaWeWantNIGERIA

#Nigeria where youths are productively engaged with sustainable employment opportunities, empowerment projects and an business enabling environment for #startups#artisans and likes.

Good people, happy to announce that we will be gathering for two days in Lagos Nigeria on October 1st and 2nd to launch the #TheAfricaWeWantNIGERIA campaign with a Symposium and a capacity building workshop in line with the #InnovateAfrica mission.

Registration portal is now open

Sponsorship packages have also been updated. Partner with us to help achieve this vision…

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