Jollof Republic Announces Successful Candidates for Mini MBA at Tekedia Institute

Jollof Republik Announces Successful Candidates for Mini MBA at Tekedia Institute

Yesterday we submitted the 10 names (Young people) that were successfully selected for the  #scholarship to study the Mini MBA.

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Jollof Republik is a networking platform that serves the business professional, socialite, student, entrepreneur, and community leaders alike.

Jollof Republik app is available for download on both iOS and Android.

Youth Up community appreciates the staff and management of #JollofRepublik as well as Tekedia Institute for your support to out community.

Here are the lists…

Beatrice Chakali
Country of Residence: #Kenya

Alfred Koroma
Country of Residence: Sierra Leone

Tosin Oyekan
Country of Residence: #Nigeria

Abubakarr Kamara
Country of Residence: #SierraLeone

Daniel Osei-Tutu
Country of Residence: #Ghana

All Roads To Dubai: YouthUp Global Outreach 2021, Launches in Dubai

As Youth Up launches its global outreach. 

Across the globe we are identifying with young people and #brands who are to join us in #July to mark this historical event. It comes with a youth conference, business bootcamp and more. We will unveil the Youthup #Magazine,…An inspiring story-backed magazine telling the stories of successes and struggles of young people.

Happy to announce we have the support of the #UAE govt to be our host. We are serious with the mandate to build the largest youth-based movement globally. #Youthup is a platform of the youths, by the youths and for the youths.

As we make arrangements for our global outreach launching and the #youthconference in #Dubai…Happy to announce that we have updated our website with the event registration details.

You can now learn more about this global opportunity to network and build quality real life connections…We are bringing youths globally to be part of this…From 12th to 18th of July we will gather to declare our readiness as youths to be taken very serious. Youths are not push overs, we should be part of the decision making for matters affecting our lives.

Youth Up is a global borderless movement of youths aimed at raising leaders amongst us. That will become strong agents of change in the society…We are creating and attracting opportunities locally and globally for our community….To raise leaders and to build nations.

Jollof Republic Announces Successful Candidates for Mini MBA at Tekedia Institute

Nganga Lewis Besinga
Country of Residence: #Cameroon

Mary Ikwuegbu
Country of Residence: Nigeria

Tatason Bertrand tatason
Country of Residence: Cameroon

Uchechi Mary Nwangwu
Country of Residence: Nigeria

Olubankole Daniel Olulana
Country Of Residence: #SouthAfrica

We are happy to be fulfilling our first cardinal mission…

To support youths in the liberation of the mind through education.

Congratulations young scholars

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